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Translation areas of expertise


NLP Technologies has gained experience in the legal field due to a significant production of summaries and translations of judgments from various Canadian tribunals, namely from the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Tax Court of Canada, and the Copyright Board. NLP’s field of expertise extends to related areas such as immigration law, tax law and intellectual property law.
Our experts understand the subtleties of legal jargon and terminology, and have proven experience in translating legal documents from across Canada.


NLP Technologies delivers accurate medical translations by experts with a deep understanding of medical terminology. Our experts regularly translate various types of documents such as medical reports, planning documents, procedures and protocols.


NLP is hailed as a leader in translation services and technologies. We provide a reliable, unique, and innovative translation management system. Our translation services are offered together with our technology. To ensure the quality of our translations, we work with a team of professionals including engineers, doctors and scientists.


NLP Technologies works in conjunction with businesses to meet the required excellence, clarity and accuracy of their communications. NLP has the expertise to recognize regional language specificities and to adapt linguistic variations found during the translation of annual reports, business plans, consumer product descriptions, contracts, correspondence, manuals, marketing materials, software, websites, and financial and legal documents.


Our contextual approach combined with the use of terminology specific to the field result in superior services that produce accurate scientific translations under the critical eye that such documents require. Our experts are specialized in several fields, thus ensuring that our translations use the proper terminology and meet our clients’ requirements. In addition, our project managers are involved during every step of the translation process. NLP Technologies offers a full range of services performed by an experienced team of experts who can proofread a wide variety of documents.


NLP Technologies caters to the specific needs of the cultural sector, which requires a command of the art of translation to accurately convey the meaning, style and intent of a given text. Our specialized translators know what it takes, and work together with organizations and cultural industries of all areas of culture including performing arts, visual arts, arts and crafts, cinema, digital media and cultural heritage. To ensure the excellence of its work, NLP Technologies constantly finds ways to improve quality control, and offers services at an affordable price.


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