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SearchExpress is a search engine developed by NLP Technologies which allows you to search our database of decisions rendered by Canadian federal courts and analysed by our intelligent programs and systems. It makes your research easier by incorporating unique and useful search critieria.

For example, search by:  
  • Category : Immigration  
  • Court  
  • Key word  
  • country of origin  
  • name of judge  
  • Subject (Ex : Investors, PRRA, H&C)  
  • Conclusion (allowed or dismissed)   

Here is a brief overview of the features of SearchExpress :   
  • Search either the information previously extracted by DecisionExpress and/or the full text of the judgement or document in question 
  • Use cross-language search (English-French) to do research in one language and obtain results containing the search term and its equivalent in both languages 
  • Search by keyword as well as by name of judge, legislation cited, subject, and country of origin (for immigration law searches only) 
  • Perform a boolean search with special characters : 
  • Perform an intelligent search (linguistic) which allows you to obtain results containing the exact term or terms having the same root (Ex : legal, legalized, legalization) 
  • Proximity search allows you to search for two words separated by one or multiple words in the document 
  • Search results are presented in the same user-friendly format as in DecisionExpress (link to full-text, abstract of salient information, link to summary composed of key extracts)