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NLP Translation Services

NLP provides translation services using advanced translation methods that consist in a combination of technologies that result from our research project, namely TRANSLI™ (i.e. computer-aided translation,  translation memories, search tools and translation management system). In addition, our translations are approved by a team of expert revisors. Our contextual approach and use of domain-specific vocabulary (legal, medical, financial, administrative, technical) yields results far superior to other machine translation systems. Our products are built on reliable, statistically-based technology, and have been deployed in organizations in numerous industries and levels of government around the world. These translation solutions are designed for organizations that need to translate large volumes of information into one or more languages, with speed and accuracy. 

NLP Technologies holds the EN 15038 Certification (European Standards on Translation Services) and the CGSB CAN 131.10 Certification (Canadian Standards on Translation Services).

Government standards determine whether you are dealing with a trusted translation provider.

NLP’s team is certified by the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council.


Translation Service

Our translation team offers a complementary mix of professionals specializing in various fields concerning your industry, such as legal, financial, administrative, management, and linguistic. Due to our innovative TRANSLI™ solutions and terminology technology, we offer high-volume translation services that are not only cost-effective, but also time-efficient. We are currently providing our services to various provincial and federal departments.

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Public and Parapublic Sector

NLP Technologies has been catering to the needs of its clients from the public and parapublic sector since 2005. Our translation services are based on the latest patented technology in computer-aided translation and a translation management system that enables NLP Technologies to provide high-quality translations meeting the constant demand for high-volume translations.

NLP’s services are tailored to the needs of all three government levels—federal, provincial and municipal—as well as those of parapublic institutions. Our databases and terminology banks are consistent with government requirements.

Private Sector

NLP Technologies offers quick and flexible services for official, certified and regular translations that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes and from all areas of activity.

As a service provider, our goal is to provide our clients with French to English and English to French translations, as well revision services, for the above-mentioned specialized fields, or any other field of interest. NLP provides services in a timely manner and follows-up with its clients while giving unflagging attention to quality.

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