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NLP Technologies sets up in the United States, an article published by Journal Les Affaires

Published by Journal les affaires, Business, Financial & Economic News
BY CÉLINE GOBERT (Source in French)

When she picked up the phone, Atefeh Farzindar, co-founder of NLP Technologies, specializing in Natural Language Processing, was in sunny California, a few weeks before the opening of an office in Los Angeles.

Created in February 2005, in Montreal, NLP Technologies had already considered the U.S. market a few years ago. However, its ambitions were slowed by the recession of 2008. At the time, the company had registered the trade mark TRANSLI ™ for its translation software, with the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO), initiated legal proceedings, met with clients from the legal field, and even rented an office in New York.
With the U.S. economy returning to more favorable conditions, the firm is once again open to expand to the U.S., in Los Angeles, where it plans to hire 10 more people. “Language technology is very important here, especially in the fields of machine translation and semantic data analysis,” explained Atefeh Farzindar.
She sees Los Angeles as “an extension of Silicon Valley in San Francisco.” This new division of IT companies—especially in language technology—is known as Silicon Beach, where there are about 500 technology companies. The most well-known are Google, YouTube, Yahoo, AOL and MySpace.
The outlook is positive for the Quebec-based company, which has already been contacted by Bloomberg for the analysis of financial markets, and by Amazon for data analysis.
In Quebec, several employees—which include engineers, PhDs in Natural Language Processing, lawyers and certified translators—develop technologies for intelligent automatic summarization, for example, for the automatic production of extracts of lengthy legal documents such as federal court decisions, and for text translation. The firm also develops translation tools for the legal community.

Three markets to develop
«In the United States, we will look at how we can apply Quebec algorithms and technologies to the American market,» specified Atefeh Farzindar.
In Los Angeles, the firm will concentrate on developing translation technologies, semantic analysis in social media, and on improving NLP-based search engines, which analyze all the terms of an expression and not each word separately.
TRANSLI™, the software the firm has been working on since January 2013, enables companies to analyze user reactions on social media following the launch of a new product, for example, to monitor an event on social networks, or to analyze the reputation of a commercial brand and public opinion for a given subject.
In the United States, NLP Technologies mainly focuses on three markets: the marketing industry, media, and defense and security. “We turn the data we collect into information. Then, we turn the information into intelligence,” summarized the CEO of NLP Technologies.
The company also wishes to develop some tools to automatically translate tweets and social media data, and to offer its translation tools to the American legal community. Unlike Quebec, which requires more French to English translations, there is a high demand for English to Spanish translations in California. In addition, several government sites are available in both languages.

Why Los Angeles?
In the future, Atefeh Farzindar aims to settle in cities like San Francisco, Seattle and New York, where the media, financial and legal markets are well-developed. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is a good compromise because the installation costs are much lower than in San Francisco, for example.
«In addition, in California, there are many interesting programs for companies,» says the CEO of NLP Technologies. Expansion Québec, the international network for businesses setting up abroad and for strengthening the attractiveness of Quebec, organizes networking events that are particularly useful for establishing business contacts.
According to her, another advantage is that the number of potential customers is ten times higher in the U.S. than in Quebec, in terms of population and territory, for the type of product designed by the firm.
«In addition, in Quebec, new businesses depend on government funding. In the United States, it is possible to receive a boost from angel and venture capital investors who are looking for innovation and ideas,» said Atefeh Farzindar. This is what the CEO intends on doing once she has finished outlining NLP’s legal structure: present TRANSLI’s innovative technology to potential investors in order to raise private funds.