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NLP Technologies Services ans Solutions

1-  IT Consulting Services

Information management, processes, and infrastructure are critical to both businesses and the government. Once you start working with NLP, it becomes clear that you are working with a different type of information technology firm.

NLP’s consulting services offer a complete and unique expertise in the fields of natural language processing and information management with the certified methods to make your organization a success.

2- Translation Services and Technologies

NLP Technologies specializes in translating legal and governmental documents, and is a leading MT integrator for different platforms such as translation workflow management, contextual authoring and translation memories, document management system, web content management system etc. 

3- NLP Solutions for the Legal Field

Here, lawyers, educators and other professionals interested in areas of law under the jurisdiction of the federal courts can gain access to case law updates, a specialized search engine, a virtual law library, as well as pertinent data and government statistics.

We are currently serving the following sectors: Canadian immigration law, Canadian tax law and Canadian intellectual property law. Services for American immigration law and international human rights law are currently under development.

4- Innovative Technologies

  • Machine Translation & Translation Memories
  • Information Extraction
  • Automatic Summarization
  • R&D on text & Voice Processing

5- Research