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NLP Solutions for Translation-Transli

NLP legal information translation solutions for courts and tribunals: TRANSLI™. NLP provides translation software products and solutions which help clients understand foreign language content in real-time, and create multilingual documents. NLP’s contextual approach and use of domain-specific vocabulary yields results far superior to other machine translation systems.



  • Cost effective, near real-time machine translation service 
  • Ideal for judgments and rulings 
  • Allows for prioritization and maximization of translation resources 
  • Edited versions of machine results also available thanks to NLP’s experts and certified translators

NLP translation solutions for businesses in collaboration with NLP Technologies' business translation products are built on reliable, statistically based technology and have been deployed in organizations in numerous industries and levels of government worldwide. 

These translation solutions are designed for organizations that need to translate large volumes of information into one or more languages, at high speed and high accuracy. The products have been engineered from the ground up for easy integration with virtually any application.