NLP for social networks

TRANSLI™ Social Media Analytics and Monitoring is an online visual analytics system designed to provide social intelligence from news and other events from Twitter, based on algorithms and methods of natural language processing. The system features an intuitive user interface and is designed to browse and visualise the results of the semantic analysis of social discussion on specific events from Twitter. The user can obtain the information not only limited to the main event of interest but also to the intelligence for the sub events where the system helps users find further details.

Review trending publications

See the most relevant tweets about your topic, and identify the most active users in the discussion.

Twitter feed screenshot
Geolocalization screenshot

Locate the publications' origins on the map

Using geolocation metadata from Twitter as well as our own analysis to fill in the blanks, countries are coloured to indicate how many tweets originated therefrom. When looking at specific country, a more detailed per city view is presented.

See what is being discussed

The contents of tweets are analyzed to extract common words and phrases that are then displayed in a word cloud with a font size reflecting relative frequency.

Wordcloud screenshot
Translation screenshot

Machine translation for social media

Translate English tweets into French and vice-versa using our in-house automatic translation engine. It has been specifically tweeked for use on tweets.

Understand the numbers at a glance

The TRANSLI dashboard agglomerates all the information gathered and the analysis in one screen. Data such as the volume per day, sentiment over time, overall sentiment and most used hashtags are displayed in easily understandable graphs. The entirety of the dashboard's content is dynamic: when you refine your search criteria, every element will refresh to represent the subset of data you selected.

Dashboard screenshot