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EN-15038:2006 European Quality Standard


is a specific European standard for translation services which covers the core translation process and all other related aspects involved in providing the service, including quality assurance and traceability.

In 2009, NLP Technologies Inc. was one of the first companies in Canada to adopt the Language Industry Certification System (LICS)’s EN-15038:2006 European Quality Standard.

In July 2012, NLP renewed the standard, thus allowing it to consolidate its competitive advantage by proving more than ever that its translation services, processes and systems are trustworthy.  

This standard offers both NLP and its clients a definition of the whole service. It is also designed to provide NLP with a set of procedures and requirements to meet market needs.  

Essentially, this standard defines the whole translation process, of which translation itself is one of several steps given that quality cannot be guaranteed without having the translation reviewed by a third party. In addition, it specifies the professional skills required by each individual involved in the translation process, namely the translators, expert revisers and proofreaders.