Computer-aided translation solutions

TRANSLI™ : Translation of Legal Information TRANSLI™ is an advanced translation solution developed by NLP Technologies that significantly improves the processing of documents. It was initially developed for the legal field, but due to its growing success, it has now extended to the financial, medical, administrative, and management fields. TRANSLI™ combines the leading Translation Management System (TMS) and statistical machine translation with a post-editing service to provide a contextually accurate finished product in a timely fashion.

TRANSLI™ was developed to address a serious problem for the European, US and Canadian governments – the lack of human translators and the continuous output of legal publications. The implementation of NLP Technologies’ tools, along with an overall approach to translation, has proven successful in projects with Canadian federal and provincial courts and tribunals thereby illustrating the viability of technological translation solutions.


NLP’s document translations feature the following:

• Trained SMT: translation engine trained on countless legal documents to improve translation accuracy.
• Translation memory: uses domain-specific terminology.
• Document management system: secure platform ensures confidentiality of user’s documents.
• Post-editing: edited version made available by our team of legal reviewers.
• Web-based service: end user requires a simple internet connection to access service.


• Saves time: faster translation service than traditional translation tools.
• Saves money: less expensive than human translator services.
• Quality assurance: contextual accuracy guaranteed through post-editing service.
• Reliable: automatic approach ensures consistent application of terminology.

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